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  • Jul5

    Icebreaker store

    Icebreaker is set to launch a second store in September, this time on Vancouver’s North Shore.

    The new 1,700 square foot TouchLab will be located in The Village at Park Royal in West Vancouver. Icebreaker’s full line of pure merino wool apparel will be available, along with a Tactile Gallery providing shoppers an opportunity to touch pure Icebreaker merino before it becomes part of the New Zealand company’s outdoor and lifestyle wear collection.
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  • Mar9

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Earlier this week, I was invited to preview Icebreaker’s new spring/summer line at the Kitsilano Touch Lab store. I’m a longtime fan of their soft, Merino wool pieces that last several wears before hitting the laundry pile. I’ve been digging one of their latest pieces and can attest to its softness, wearability, and easy integration into my wardrobe: the Bliss Wrap.

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview
    [Touching pure Merino wool]

    Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Icebreaker is committed to sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and animal welfare. In 2008, the company launched “Icebreaker Baacode,” a pioneering supply chain transparency and traceability program. Each Icebreaker includes a unique Baacode, which enables customers to trace the garment online from rearing the sheep through to each stage of the supply chain process.

    Baacode screen

    As usual, I was curious to check in with the website to find out where my Bliss wrap’s wool originated from.

    Muller  sheep Station

    My search resulted in four stations, including Muller’s, from the South Island high country. Each farmer is featured with a short description about their commitment to the environment. A wave to Steve and his mountain-loving buddies!

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    The spring/summer collection is bright and features lots of stripes and bold colours in a few new lines.

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Black Sheep is made from an exceptionally fine micron of merino wool, grown in New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps. The merino is knitted into a fine gauge to create a stylish collection of exclusive knitwear.

    Icebreaker Product Design Director Keryn Francisco says sourcing premium merino wool was essential in creating the Black Sheep series.

    “Winemakers determine the highest quality grapes and barrels to make their highly coveted reserve wine. We did the same for our Black Sheep styles,” says Francisco. “We worked with sheep stations that produce some of the finest merino in New Zealand. The resulting garments are absolutely stunning both in how they look and how they feel.”

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Black Sheep is part of Icebreaker’s Journeys range of soft, lightweight tees, sweaters, dresses and coverups. A combination of the City and Superfine collections of past seasons, plus beautiful new styles and graphics, Journeys offers a versatile system of interchangeable merino layering pieces ranging from essential core garments to seasonal trend-driven styles.

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Icebreaker Spring 2012 preview

    Launched in 1994, Icebreaker was the first company to develop a merino fibre layering system for the outdoors. It was also the first outdoor apparel company in the world to source merino directly from growers, a system it began in 1997. The Icebreaker apparel system includes underwear, mid layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories. The range includes outdoor, technical, and lifestyle pieces, each with its own specific fabrics and design details.

    The Icebreaker TouchLab is located at 2089 West 4th Avenue at Arbutus Street in Vancouver.

  • Mar23

    Last night, I attended Icebreaker’s TouchLab store launch in Kitsilano. I’d been curious enough to visit the store last weekend as it’s in my neck of the woods, but it was at the event that I learned about the Icebreaker brand (and its products) in detail from CEO Jeremy Moon.

    Icebreaker NZ CEO Jeremy Moon
    [Icebreaker NZ CEO Jeremy Moon]

    Ramotaur and Nature Girl
    [Ramotaur and Nature Girl]
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